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Renewal and Member ID Questions

How do I renew?

If logged in - I do not find a means to renew.
If NOT logged in - there is an option to renew - however, the paypal payment page says my Membership info is somehow associated - but again, i am not logged in. How is this possible?

Is my membership number and date of joining on this site? If not, how do I acquire this if lost?



If you go to the front page, the home page for, you'll find a red box near the top that has a choice that reads "Join the USCA". Click that and it will take you to a page that works for either joining or renewing. If you have any issue send me a private message with your pone number and I'll walk you through it.

Also, I've sent your message to our membership guy and he will probably send you some additional information.

Thanks Al: When first attempted, the information form did not appear, just the type of membership/payment page. I likely did something wrong, and I was successful following your directions.

Tried to renew on line today, but the form would not advance to the 2nd page for my payment information. Left an email for the webmaster.


That happens when the form isn't fully filled out or you have entered data in a format that the form can't except. Think of the form as a cranky old librarian.

Here are a couple of things that will make it choke.

If you don't put anything in the second address line [even a blank space will work] the form will choke.
If you enter your phone number in the wrong format [there's an example on the line] the form will choke.
If you spell out your state name instead of using the two letter abbreviation, the form will choke.

Yes, we do want to make it better but right now it's what we've got. If you can't make it work any other way, you can print it out and mail it to the membership guy.

Thanks for understanding.

Thanks Al,
With the benefit of your wisdom I was able to successfully renew my Membership for another year.

we're happy to have you. Where's Mocksville?

Al, Mocksville is located off I-40 between Winston Salem and Statesville, NC. My wife, Robin, and I were at Sidecars in the Smokies. I, a Goldwing 1800 with a CSC FSIII; Robin with her Goldwing Trike. We were camped out back a stone's throw from Cliff & Noreen's table. We met briefly. Still a Novice with the sidecar, as I had it mounted last November. The first 6,000 miles has been a blast, and looking to ride a bit more in the coming year. See you at Sidecars in the Smokies 2017.