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My husband, Gary Troxell #8867 registered for the rally on June 13. He received an email stated he would be notified when payment was received. To date, he has not been notified that the payment was received. He sent in the payment via PayPal. Was that payment received and are we registered for the rally?

Thank you.

Pamela, not sure who or how Gary was sent that email. May have been an auto response. Anyways, Yes, you and Gary are registered for the rally. See you in Corning.

Hi. Did Avanell's registration ever come in? You said mine did and pay-pal for both came through. Only difference in hers and mine is age 86 and ride. J.R.

Yes, J.R. got Avanell registration. We will disguise her age as she doesn't look any older than 49.

Was having an issue with multiple registrations the same day. For some reason the program USCA uses combines the daily registrations into one long report, rather than keeping each one separate. If I print a registration in the morning, fine. But when I printed registrations again that night, everything from that day was mixed together and reprinted, thus causing double counts and having to manually separate each one, recount the forms and clean up the rally list.

Have added the Sidecar B&B to the list of places to visit in Canada.

See you in Corning.