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Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

Ok but try to relax. Watching these is going to hurt. If time is important to you watch 4 and 3 first. Forget his instal focus on the sidecar.




I want to be VERY CLEAR about something. Red Wolf sidecars have nothing to do with Cozy sidecars in any way. They are made by a relation to the family that makes Inder sidecars and even at that are quite different in design. robustness etc. Cozy's have been made for almost 3 generations in India and started with a collaboration with Steib. The Redwolf, Inder and Safer wholesale are all copies of the Cozy in one way or another.

I am not going to criticize Red Wolf since I have never seen one in the wild. You need to draw your own conclusions. My units are more expensive than both Red Wolf and Safer Wholesale. Like with most things, you get what you pay for. With me (Kevin Mahoney at you are paying for a level of quality that allows me to sleep at night, a 5-year warranty and support 7 days a week. This is my full-time business and I have been selling Cozy for 20 years and stand behind them.

I am not afraid to show customers the "guts" of the Cozy. see the attached photo.

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Kevin Mahoney Cozy Sidecar 623-512-0377

A blind man can see the difference.

I have had a working relationship with Kevin Mahoney who imports the Cozy sidecar since around 1998. While we only have met once briefly at a show back in 1998 I can attest that Kevin puts safety ahead of sales. If it is not going to be a safe combination, HE WILL NOT SELL IT. First rate guy and company to deal with. The cozy is worth every penny of the difference in price over the other sidecars out of India. Kevin is also there to stand behind the product with a known long term track record.

Jay G
DMC sidecars