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Rear tires for the motorcycle - what brands work/wear best for a 1200 Harley Sportster?

We have a Velorex 562 sidecar attached to a Harley 1200 Sportster. Looking for a brand and type of rear tire that will last longer than the standard motorcycle rear tire. Any suggestions? Thank you, John R.

John, presuming your 1200 Sportster is similar to our former 2002 883R rig with a 3x16 wheel, we had reasonable service life with a rear Dunlop Elite 3 touring tire intended for the older model Electra Glides with narrow wheels.  We did have to re-align the rig a little when we 1st installed the Elite 3. 

Although we never tried 'em on the Sportster, there are flat-profile tires such as Duro HF308 or Shinko 240 (if I recall correctly, tube type tires) that may work.

Other members have  commented that the skinny automobile tires marketed for antique cars (such as "Coker Tire") generally have no longer life than motorcycle tires.

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 What size tire is on the rear ? mostly interested in wheel but tire size will tell me. Slim chance a car tire mat fit.

First, this is posted in the wrong area. Should be in the technical area. 

There are no tires that really work all that well. Tire life is going to suck however having the toe in and wheel lead correct will allow your tirse to last longer. Often with the Velorex stock mounts this is not easy. At this link you will see what we do. Sidecar Mounting | DMC Sidecars

In general, the more expensive the tire, the softer the rubber for better cornering traction. So, as we are not worried about falling over and are more concerned with long tire life. The cheaper the tire, the harder the rubber. Just make sure that the tire has the right load capacity. Even if the tire does not last as long, replacing it does not hurt as much as it would with an expensive tire.

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