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Rear tire size & Holandia history

I just purchased a BMW /2 chassis with /5 motor and Holandia car. Can I run a 4.00 x 18 on the MC drive wheel (standard size is 3.50 x 18)?  Where was the Holandia car made?  What is a good resource(s) for parts for this model car?


Yes, you can run the 4" tire in the rear. I was told the Hollandia was made in the Netherlands and that's confirmed in Hal Kendall's book. The maker was apparently J.A. Bon. There is no established parts source, you'll have to look for bits and pieces anywhere you can and probably do a fair bit of improvisation. Hollandia became more mainstream after Steib left the business to make farm machinery.  You may find the some Steib parts will work. 

Good luck and welcome to the site.

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