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Rear Tire for Goldwing/Hannigan rig

I searched the threads expecting to find much information on this subject, but didn't find any. About to buy rear tire for recently purchase 95 Wing/w Hannigan 2+2. I know sidecar use eats rear tires like candy. Is there any advantage to paying the big $$ for the Tires available with all the technology for better cornering and sidewall technology, when putting on a sidecar rig. I'm wondering if I could get similar mileage out of a lesser costing tire. Also when i sold my last rig, I was just starting to hear of those running antique car tires on the rear. Any evidence that this is worthwhile?

Click on the Search option on the top line of this page left end. Type in "car tires" in the search line. I got 30+ hits. I am not one to issue opinions on the subject as my latest rig came with an automotive wheel adapted to the BMW hub by Claude Stanley.

Huge difference m/c tire vs a car tire.
1.Much better braking
2.Triple mileage replacement intervals
3.Much quieter
4.Much more cash for adding miles to your odomter (yrmv)
5.You can buy them anywhere
6.Much smoother ride quality

I've had 3 GL 1500'S and have run car tires on them all.
I'm running a 15" rear on a modified rim for my current 1500 but 16"'s work great too.
Triple darksider 1 on rig 1 on rear and front tire is a rear tire reversed.
Sorry I do not recall size's but easy to find online.

It is no advantage to paying the big $$ for the Tires available with all the technology for better cornering and sidewall technology for sidecar use.

I wouldn't run a classic car tire if you can find a modern tire that will work with your rim. Classic tires are generally not intended for high mileage long-term use. More for good looks, and driving around at moderate speeds. Modern car tires on the rear of your bike, and on the sidecar, will definitely outperform a motorcycle tire for traction and longevity and load bearing ability. You're looking for a 175/60-16 for the rear. Other possible sizes are 195/55-16 (tight fit), 175/55-16 (shorter) or 175/65-16 (taller).

On the front of the bike, car tires are often linked to steering issues so, even though a car tire is longer-wearing, a motorcycle tire up front will normally provide the most predictable handling. To improve front tire wear, though, many of us mount a REAR motorcycle tire on the front if we can find one in a size that fits the front rim. Rear moto tires have a less rounded profile than a front tire so they have a somewhat wider contact patch, and many tire manufacturers use harder compounds in their rear tires to improve mileage. Many rear tires should be mounted "backwards" on the front to optimize braking performance, but it all depends on the tire.

Here is the link to the Darksider forum. There is a lot of information specific to your bike there.

Warning: Once you have gone to the darkside, there is no coming back. Have taken four different personal rigs to the darkside with positive results.

I'm 100% with DRONE on the "Classic Tire" issue. They are built with the restoration market in mind where original appearance is more important than tire wear. Also, since they are built for a small market you may find that when you buy your new tire it is already several years old.

Regarding going to the darkside. If you really want to full story, show up for the USCA National Rally in Corning, NY. One of the leading darkside builders in the country is going to be there with some samples and he's more than willing to talk about the issues and advantages as well as your options.

OK... I have been in the motorcycle community off and on for well over 30 years. But not until recently have I ever heard of this "Darkside". I have no Idea what that refers to. Can someone please explain what the darkside is?

Going "Darkside" is simply using an automotive tire on your bike. Don't blame me, I didn't make it up ;^)

If WE can't blame you Al for the dark side WE can surely find something to blame you for !
HA ! HA !

Don't blame me, I didn't make it up ;^)