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Hey everyone, we are having a fantastic turn out for the upcoming Rally In The Valley in Corning. We need volunteers to help. If you are signed up for the Rally, could you please volunteer to help, if only for a couple of hours?

We need assistance in various areas including:

Pet Parade

Hospitality-Refreshment Bar


50/50 raffle

If you are able to help out at all, please send me a PM with your name and a contact mobile number to reach you during the rally.

Thank you for helping to make Corning a memorable rally for all.


Rally Registrar

Jon; I sent my registration in. Pay pal says they paid. Got e-mail saying no money received. What next?

J.R. Not sure why you got that message.
On that note, I only received your registration, nothing for Ananell, however I received TWO Pay Pal payment, one for you and one for Avanell. So you are both now registered and paid for the rally.
See you there.

My wife - Joan - has said she will help with registration at the rally.
We will be there on Thursday to help in any way - earlier if needed since we will be in town on Wed. sometime.

Joan is the first name on my volunteer list.
Tell her Thankyou.

I'm willing to spend some time in registration.

Thank you Al, Will for sure put you to work.