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Rally Questions 2017

Does the rally 2017 fee include my campsite or do I have to reserve a site with the campground? Or do we all camp in an area designated for our rally and that's part of the fee? What will the dinner on Saturday night be? Thanks. Mike Magri

Camping fee is payed to the campground. No free camping. ( I changed your post a little to 2017, this post will be here forever and going forward it might confuse people , I have no idea what the dinner is, someone else will help you their.

Dave, thanks for the info.

The Saturday night meal is catered, expecting to feed 150 attendees. Have not heard the menu.

Does the registration include a t-shirt? If not will there be any for sale at the Rally?

PB, Clothing items from the USCA Store will be on display for ordering at the rally. If you order from the USCA store now, ask them to ship it to the rally site with the sample merchandise, then you can pick it up there.

Just a reminder, NY is a helmet state.

Here are the highlights of NY motorcycle laws from their web page...

Laws for riding on NYS roadways:

-Motorcycle helmet use is required for all riders. Motorcycle helmets must meet US DOT federal motor vehicle safety standards (FMVSS 218).
-Eye protection is required for all riders. Eyewear must, at a minimum, conform to standards established by the American National Standard Institute (ANSI – Z87.1).
-Daytime headlight use is required. Headlight modulators are permitted.
-A passenger seat and footrest are required if carrying a passenger.
-Motorcycle helmet speakers may only have one earphone.
-Additional equipment required:
-Lights including headlight, taillight, stop lamp and license plate lamp
-At least one red rear reflector
-Brakes (on both wheels if manufactured after 1971)
-Directional signals (if manufactured after 1985)
-Turn signals (if manufactured after 1985)
-A horn or other warning device
-At least one rearview mirror, although one on each handlebar is recommended
-A muffler is required; "cutouts' or mufflers with removable baffles are not allowed
-Handlebars or grips must be less than 15 inches above than the driver's seat
-Only two motorcycles may operate side by side in a single lane.