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Rally Pics and Stories!

Hi Rally Folks:
We had a great rally. We need some stories and pictures for the Sidecarist. They can be sent directly to Martin at Thanks!!!

Panorama from Sat afternoon (4ish):

What a great event -- thanks to everyone who put in the work necessary to make it a success!

Phil Augur

Many thanks to all that made the Rally in Corning a great success.
It will be reflected in your paychecks next week

Don Rich

Mystic, CT

Another video -- short one showing 16 of the 17 states' plates we saw, plus Ontario.

Where else were folks from who were there?

We noticed, alphabetically:

New Jersey
New York
North Carolina
South Carolina

There is a good thread that's several years old now about What Makes a Good Rally.

I thought it would be good to refresh our data.

I have created basically the same questions as the original thread, in a simple online survey format:

I will compile the results and post them here in the forum for all to see.

Thank you in advance for participating!

Thanks for a great rally. Really enjoyed it. Great to see old friends again, meet new ones, and see some really fancy rigs!

Hi Rally Folks,
My husband & I went to the Rally in Corning, NY, our first time ever going to one.
We had a great time, met lots of nice people and just had fun....
Thanks Debbie & Lance Pulaski, NY

Just want to say thanks to all who worked so hard to put this rally on. Good job, great location and it was really neat to see some long time friends in the sidecar world.

AND - We as a club need to say thank you for what you did at this rally.