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Rally at Corning N.Y.

I attended my first sidecar rally at Corning NY this weekend and can honestly say i would do it again in a heartbeat. Being new to the sidecar thing i learned so much that i had a hard time letting it all sink in. The experts who gave learning sessions were just that, experts and really knew what they were talking about as i learned quite a bit. The people attending were soooooo friendly and just loved talking about sidecars and were sooooo willing to give their thoughts on anything i asked them about. The different style sidecars at the event were great also as i had never seen anything like some of them before and just walking around them for a few hours kept me entertained. The only thought that i had that would have improved the event was to have a food vendor there to serve breakfast and lunch as to get something to eat you had to go into town and then back to the event. For me, the best part of the event was the technical advice sessions given by the experts and the friendly people that attended and i would like to THANK everyone at the rally, Dan

Panorama from Sat afternoon (4ish):

What a great event -- thanks to everyone who put in the work necessary to make it a success!

Phil Augur