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Quick detach sidecar?

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thanks DMC for your many knowledgeable replies, so it seems that cruiser bikes would be a better fit for a sidehack. i currently have a base 2012 bonneville + liking triumphs would like to stay with them. i also want a bit more comfort so i was considering a streetmaster cruiser but it has a single downtube, another choice would be a T100 or the scrambler. what are your thoughts on these options. possibly a medium metric cruiser may have the dual down tubes, no harleys though

First, check the dates on the original thread, this one is going back a few years.
First, the bike that is best for a sidecar is the one the speaks to you. Be it a cruiser, dual sport, touring or other wise.
The Bonneville works out well and we have mounts for these as well as the scrambler. When choosing a bike it is always best to go with a bike that proper not universal mounts are made for unless you plan no doing custom fabrication. It is also nice to have a bike that triple tree's are made for should it become a full time sidecar bike. And if it is to become a full time sidecar bike a bike that you can run an automotive rear tire on the stock rim is nice. If you are looking for some thing on the "cheap" for the Triumph you should take a look at the Sputnik 's we have. $2995 including the proper bike specific mounts for the Bonneville which will also fit the scrambler with one slightly different part.
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