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Questions about pants

My personal summer riding kit that I have with me at all times is as follows:

Joe Rocket mesh jacket.
Joe Rocket mesh pants.
GI issue jungle boots. (Not cheap aftermarket.)
Joe Rocket waterproof jacket liner.
Nike fleece-lined warm-up pants.
Widder electric vest. (Yes, an electric vest in summer.)
Mesh gloves - forgot brand.

With this layering system, I can ride comfortably from 100 degree July days to 40 degree September evenings.

That being said, I often ride wearing jeans rather than the mesh pants. However, I have the scars to show just how little jeans protect your legs. But I NEVER ride without an armored jacket, mesh or textile.

Everyone has their own opinion but, of course, my opinion is best. After all, I am a sergeant and sergeants are always right! HA!!


"FirstGear Kilimanjaro jacket and HT overpants"


I'm with Tony on these. I wear my Kilmanjaro about half the year and the HT pants just about all the time. This is two wheel riding and I've tested them twice (not proud of it) and they held up very well. Being waterproof is a plus. Usually you can find good deals on them at No affiliation, just a satisfied customer. In the summer I wear a mesh jacket and usually the HT pants with no liner, unless I'm just going to the store.


My basic gear consists of this:
Kilimajaro jacket
Belstaff pants
(want Rev It jacket someday)
Old jacket
Old leather bibs
(want stone lake gear someday)
Sidi on raod sypatex
Sidi Comabat Touring Bots
Herman Survivors(New not as good as they used to be but still a good deal for the bucks!)
Basic deerskin gloves
No Name leather gauntlets
Nolan flip front
3/4 helmet (with shield and /or goggles)
Beanie helmet (old old one)(goggles)
(Have perscription goggles and over the glasses style)
Other gear:
Hippo Hands (love 'em)
Gerbing electric vest (spoiled by this)

Lap robe at some point 🙂

I wear chaps regularly when the temps permit and a heavy leather coat, as do all my passengers, the " cold" weather, I have a leather choko bombardier snow suit that is good to -30F,..both offer great mobility and protection,..light layers under allow for temp changes, and saddle bags a place to store them hehe,..our annual "Polar Bear" ride is Jan 2,..temps should be aprox. 10-15F,.. rather balmy for January,..hehe cheers and Happy New Year,..crawf.

Here's our Summer gear (100+) and Winter gear (27F).

Works for us!

Boise, Idaho

Attached files

My computer won't open your jpegs because I don't have the right color sync (??)
Is there some other way to send them.

I go with layers that you can either add to or subtract from depending on weather.

Really cold:

fleece long johns
Draggin Jeans
$2.00 knee pads from wally wold
rain /wind pants

The warmer it gets the less I wear.... down to the draggin jeans. Course here in Maine it never gets too warm!

I ride ATGATT (All The Gear All The Time).

I wear either Tourmaster jeans (carbolex fabric) or Fieldsheer Mesh trousers or sometimes a pair of Fieldsheer overpants with removable liner depending on the weather. I've been comfortable in weather ranging from 28 degrees F. to over 100 degrees F. with the addition of either sweats or silk weight thermals under my gear.

My jacket choice is either an Icon Mesh or Fieldsheer Aqua Tour with removable liner (similar to the Kilimanjaro).

Engineer boots from Xelement.

The trousers all have CE (hard) and soft armor (knees, hips and back) as do the jackets (elbows, shoulders and back). Helmets vary between Icon Alliance or Mainframe full face or AGV Dragon, all with appropriate shields.

As previously mentioned, regardless of your ride, pavement is still pavement when you land on it. There's no reason to skimp on gear just because you ride a sidecar rig. Years ago (before textiles) leather was the choice of most but leather is cold in the winter, hot in the summer and takes forever to dry if it gets wet. Most, if not all, of the traditionally styled leather has no armor at the joints or back so even if it doesn't abrade through there's no cushioning in case of a fall.

Regular jeans offer very little protection unless they have the Kevlar added and even that isn't as good as most textile riding trousers. Chaps might look "cool" but offer no protection to your pelvis or posterior.

Good prices can be found on all types of gear so although they might be a bit more pricey than jeans and an old bomber jacket they also provide much better protection for the rider.

Many cruiser riders wear jeans, chaps in the winter and a regular, old style, motorcycle jacket, ordinary shirts or tees and beanie helmets. They might as well have on nothing if they fall. Beanie helmets might save your skull but facial injuries are very common and often include facial fractures and serious abrasions.

It's your hide. What's it worth to you and your family?


Any textile riding pants with armor at knees and hips, and remveable liner should suffice for your riding conditions. Next time you're at the shop, check out the pair hanging in the back corner.


The only time I got into hospital I had just taken off my protection....
Leather I used for years, but with my Oran Utan arms its dificult, every 2 years the arms became too short. Belstaff was then my choice for 5 years and >200.000km until my toutch down in Death Valley (see above... found yesterday the photos... Have you ever seen Deer horns growing downward?. Old Lady O'Donnell (Norton Comando)got them in an instant...)

Neither Leather nor Bellstaff are time resistant in tropic climate, where I live now. Washability is a must here, so I went to Tourmaster clothes and am happy with them. Unlikely Goretex is here in unpayable ranges and who wants a Goretex liner inside when all the gear gets wet outside...

Just my 25 year old "Turtle" spline protector is left over from older times. (The 1951 horse riding boots soon will be repaired, but they are fairly warm and unconfortable on concrete)

Helmet: lightweight 3/4 open face and simple working googles at these low speeds.(40mph/70kmph is sometimes outrageously fast here in the mountains with 270º serpentines)
Egg shells or WW2 steel helmet copies aren't fun to me and heavy helmets damage my spline. (Strange why here aren't sold Police helmets?)

How do you recognize a happy Biker? When the flies smile in between the teeth!