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Question on Indian/Harley sidecar supplier

Hello everyone,

I am new to the forum, and this is my first post!

I am thinking about adding a hack to my 2009 Harley Road King. I love the design of the Cozy, and have heard good things about the rep My concern is that this chair is too light for the Road King. I saw a posting on eBay from a company out of Miami Beach. They use the ebay handle indianchief2001, and sell a similar design as the Cozy but it looks like a different frame, maybe even a little heavier. Has anyone had experience with these guys?

Thanks in advance,

Stay away from the company you are speaking of. We have even had some one ship their bike all the way from Florida to put a proper sized sidecar on their bike after having one first put on by this company. On the bike shipped in from Florida they had made a trailer hitch. They tied it to the axle and it was made up by welding up several pieces of slightly bent pipe at odd angles with very poor welding. It was clear that they do not have proper tooling nor experience to build safe parts. Had another person contact us just last week. They put a sidecar on his Indian and it did not even make it home before the mounts shifted. We advised against running this sidecar on his bike. In the end we did sell him a curved strut so that he would at least be able to work the rear brake on the bike as they way they installed it, it was not possible to get your foot on the brake pedal. Lower priced sidecars you seldom get what you pay for. Usually a lot less and by the time you get them even close to safe you have spent some times more then buying a properly sized sidecar for your bike with proper bike specific NOT universal mounting hardware. These sidecars seldom if ever have a brake that can be made to work on your bike. While brakes "just slow you down" some times this can be a good thing.
We can help you with a proper sidecar for your bike as can many other companies here in the USA. If you are just looking at price and price alone then the Sputnik we offer at $3495 would be a much better value, it is strong enough for your bike, has a proper mounting system with "boss and clamp" type lower mounts rather then struts and comes with proper bike specific NOT universal mounts. Fit and finish is on par with stuff out of India which is to say "OK" but not great.
All of our sidecars can be seen at all will work with your bike.
Jay G
DMC sidecars

A) Jay is right, he knows his stuff, and is the guy I would get to do mine if / when I decide to get a big sidecar. Too bad he's on the other side of the country, it stinks, but I would find a way to get there & back, I think, or have a local dealer deal with him somehow. Seeing how many of these bozos work, I really don't want to deal with anyone who says they can make a sidecar. The guy here who has owned at least a dozen of his own, built them, and works for an Indian dealer, will go to Jay. Just sayin'.

B) What he says is so right. I'm rebuilding my sidecar, lots of welding, rewiring, changing the whole suspension, different lights, it's a lot more than I expected, and this was a GOOD sidecar to start with. The merits may be debated, but it's more what I matched it to and which mounts I used than the car itself. Anyhow, steer clear of anyone who would sell you something too light. I've driven a cozy, and all I can say is, I hope they're not selling you the same model. IT's a good car for maybe a 450cc Enfield, but a Road King...? If it's the same model they are out of their freaking minds and when you crash, they should be sued. Hopefully you never buy it and never crash, but if you do buy it and mount it on a road King- you will crash. Seriously, it's that bad, and I'm a novice at this, so if I feel that strongly I should share that advice, there's something there. Listen to Jay, he knows things, and is honest, and while I might not agree with every word out of his mouth, he will tell you when other people don't have the same opinion as him.

Bottom line: Do NOT put that tiny little car on that good-sized bike.

Thank you both for the feedback. This is pretty much what I expected, and I will stay away from that seller!


I have to agree with Jay also. While I choose Hannigan because they were a lot closer to me DMC is 100% right in all that They posted. The cost is well worth the product you have when it is all done.

Good that you are doing your home work. When I went with the new one 9 months from the time I got the bug to do it. Made up my mind  to do it. Did all the research on models I might like, then ones except able to  wife and met our needs and wants. Figured out every option , we wanted. Listen to dealers input and added one option I had passed on. Rode down looked at the 2 we narrowed it down to. Finished our ride and called back said build it.

What we ended up with was a Sidecar mounted that did what we expected. And was worth every dime to us.