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Quad rigs (outrigger rigs)

Washington state recently passed a law that made outriggers or Quad rigs (motorcycle + outrigger wheels) illegal. With the help of the Legislative Action Committee and ABATE and Rep. Matt Shea, the law was rescinded and it is now LEGAL to ride a motorcycle with out rigger wheels. Thanks to people who keep an watchful eye on legislation that affects motorcyclists. They are now trying to get the mandatory helmet law voided. They want to make it like other states that only require motorcyclists who are under 21 to wear a helmet. Also, they are trying to get it made legal to where a motorcyclist who is stopped at a traffic light that wants to turn left, and the light doesn't change for them, to be able to proceed left after waiting for a full cycle of the traffic light.

It was probably around 10 years ago I saw a 4-wheel sidecar rig at a Region E GWRRA rally at Lake Okoboji in NW Iowa.  It was a GL1800 which had been triked by Hannigan and had a Hannigan sidecar attached.  The sidecar and trike bodywork blended together beautifully.  It looked like a sports car from the rear.

I wonder how it was classified on toll roads and toll bridges.  When the USCA national rally was held at Corning-Elmira, NY a few years back we rode to Niagara Falls and crossed a toll bridge where I was classified as a 4-axle vehicle because I was pulling a trailer behind the sidecar rig.  The person at the toll booth asked if the sidecar wheel was aligned directly across from the rear wheel on the bike.  I replied it was offset by 8-10 inches.  That is how I became a 4-axle truck.