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QD mounts/ My stupidity is your gain

A while ago, i inquired if it would be a decent idea to use lynch pins instead of bolts, for a quick detach of the hack. I was given opinions that it's a bad idea, it doesn't take that long to unscrew a bolt, and why would you ever want to ride a bike without s sidecar anyhow? (That last is a joke.)

Recently, I forgot to tighten the mounting bolt. With nylon insert "aircraft" lock nut, it worked as a lunch pin. Stupid mistake, but the results are in:

Don't use lynch pins. The small amount of slop rattled the mount loose. Yes, that probably should have been tighter, but it held just fine when the nut was crammed down. So there is definitely extra stress that is significant, which is relieved by tightening the bolt and not just pinning it.


I'm not 100% sure who to thank for the advice I did take, but I think I recall both Jay (DMC) and Claude (nw sidecar, right?) telling me this. Anyhow thank you, and listen to the sage advice on this site, everyone, there are people here who knew their stuff. 🙂