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Proposed Federal Helmet Law

Forward from Member I haven't checked this out but someone will I'm sure.

There's a new issue concerning motorcycle laws that I thought you should be aware of and might wish to put in the judicial watch forum.

Department of Transportation Secretary Mary Peters is lobbying for state funds to be moved from motorcycle safety and training programs to instead service a new proposal for a federal helmet law. This action in spite of federal laws prohibiting DOT employees from lobbying state either for or against laws.

The issues at hand are not the helmet law proposal but instead the fact that what Mary Peters is doing is illegal and by removing federally mandated funds in place to service awareness and training programs she may cause irreparable damage to those efforts.

States with helmet laws in place.or those which had helmet laws in place did not need to encroach upon the funds in question to service the helmet issue and for those which still have a helmet law in place the funds in question are not necessary to fund standing laws pertaining to helmet use.

The following link to Consumer Reports will offer an insight into Ms. Peter's recent activities:

The Consumer Reports link was garnered from LDRLongDistanceRiders.
Mention is also made on page 28 in the AMA American Motorcyclist June issue, 2008
Further mention appeared in The Folly (magazine of the Texas Motorcycle Roadriders Association) page 43.

I started the following thread on concerning this matter which you might wish to read.

In that thread I posted a copy of email sent to my Senators and district Representative and asked that others use that form or write their own to contact their own Senators and Representatives concerning this matter. If you, as I, think this is worthy of notice and action then you might wish to post it on the USC Forum, Legislative Watch.

This issue first came to my attention because of a short sidebar in the Texas Motorcycle Roadriders Association magazine, The Folly. After researching it further I sent a letter to the editor of the Folly speaking my views on this action and offering additional resources. In addition, I sent letters to my state senators and representative concerning this.

Uniquely, My entire letter to the editor was published in the Folly, taking one entire, unedited, 8.5" X11" page and reaching the hands of thousands of members statewide.

I received a reply from Senator John Cornyn of Texas stating his position as highly placed on the Senate ethics committee and stating his willingness to look into the actions of Mary Peters, DOT secretary.

As motorcyclists, we cannot afford to be dis-interested in the actions of those who govern the use and enjoyment of our riding and rights. The responses to my actions demonstrate what can be achieved through the actions of one person. How much more effective will it become if more voices are heard? The obvious answer is "enormously"!

I urge all riders to take an interest, take a stand and speak out on the rights and issues of motorcycling. Today, more than ever before, our sport is experiencing a boom in sales and participation and it needs to experience the same boom in voices speaking and encouraging new and experienced riders of all ages to not just ride but become involved actively in legislative watch and enforcement activities. Our voices make a difference but only if we speak out.