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Profile Photo

Why does it have to be so difficult to load a profile photo/avatar?

Tom, Ride Safe! AMA, HOG, IBA, PGR.

The developer of the forum software is trying to stick with the Word Press standards, the developer of Gravatar is "Automattic" and they have a large presence in the Word Press community.  The idea behind Gravatar is that you wold have one avatar across the entire web.  Gravatar is a "Globally Recognized Avatar".  You can sign into Gravatar by using your Google ID.

We have asked the developer if there is a way to directly upload avatars without using Gravatar.  We're waiting for an answer.

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

OK, as a solution for profile Avatars...

We have added a separate plug in that allows you to simply choose a file from your own computer to use as an avatar.  It's pretty easy, I did it.

Go to your profile, click "edit profile" at the bottom of the page.  On the backend page you see there is a new box with a couple of simple choices.  Click "Choose File", find a picture on your computer, choose it and then click the update profile button.  Your done.

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota


That's exactly what I was looking for... I'm a dinosaur when it comes to all the computer operating systems and such, but that made the process much easier. Thanks again.


Tom, Ride Safe! AMA, HOG, IBA, PGR.

The same thanks from me...much easier.