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Posting Requirements for "For Sale" ads

We haven't said this for a long time so it bears repeating. Please be advised that if you are posting an ad offering ANYTHING for sale, it must clearly state the price, location and any special terms, including shipping, terms of sale and escrow if it is offered.  Both private and commercial sales are welcome. If you are a commercial seller, you need to identify yourself as such. We do not support auctions or ads from auction sites. Thanks for your cooperation.

Also this is Complete Rigs For Sale. Not Bikes without sidecars for sale.

1994 Kawasaki Voyager x11 1,200cc with Campion Daytona 2+2 sidecar. 

Hello this rig has been sitting for over ten years and will need to be maintenance all fluids changed and carbs cleaned stuff like that the bike has only 18,000 on her and still starts right up but has lots of pitting on the aluminum, the sidecar is in very nice shape both are loaded with options. The bike is located here in north west New Jersey and we are asking $5,000 or best offer this is a great deal for the right person

Robert, nice rig but hear that Hannigan you have coming is the cat's meow.

You figured out how to include photos, good as many struggle with that.

HINT: to sell here you have to include an email address or phone number for people to contact you as the PM service is not activated.



Need help to show me how to post a rig for sale and to include pictures.



how do I list my "rig" on this site?


An ad is a post like any other except that you make the post under the appropriate forum.  In this case it appears you should post at  

Don't forget to include the required items, the price, location and any special terms, including shipping, terms of sale and escrow if it is offered.



Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota