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posting photos

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Glad you are finally fixed.

Good evening Ji.m,
Might it be that you were visiting as guest and not under your user name?
At least the celphone throws me out once and again from my forum visits. When I post something, I can write, but when I want to send it suddenly it asks for my username and password and....all the written went down the loo.
Good luck

What a surprise to find my rig posted on the site as an example of how to do a photo. Must admit I really like this rig. My maiden voyage was from Boise back to Portland. Lonnie Cook did a fabulous job of attaching the Velorex. It tracks down the highway absolutely beautifully. I can surely recommend him very highly for any one who needs his expertise.

Testing how to paste a photo

CCjon - 2/1/2015 11:23 PM

Testing how to paste a photo

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Pic test

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