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Posting here.

Today I tried to answer a post on the general board. Was told to log in. Tried to log in was told I'm not allowed access to this board. Went back to log in again and was told I'm already logged in. Still cannot post to the general board.

This was the first forum that would allow me access.

Now that I have posted somewhere I'll try my original post again..     Tom

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I will add to that, I have had the same problem a few times. on one hand it wants me to verify I'm not a bot by choosing pictures asked for, sometimes it won't even show the pictures and just let me check the box. sometimes it still logs me in to an old admin page. then I can back out and try again and go right to the forum with no request to log in. I know Jerry is working hard and has a difficult task to get everything running right. 

I do think it's important to let him know when we run into these issues 

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Jerry did say he would be traveling for a time after our September 14 meeting.  I’ve also had this occur but went out and back in without further incident. 

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Yes, this is a bug.  After you log in and get the message "Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page." or something similar you can just ignore it.  Manually navigate back to the forum and then "refresh" the page.  You should then be logged in and ready to go.

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