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Please help identify the hack on this R100/7

I've posted some photos in the album entitled "Budd's R/100 hack" in the hopes that someone can help me learn more about what I have.

First, the sidecar is like nothing I have ever seen. Hal Kendall's wonderful catalog shows nothing similar.It's fiberglass and a clean piece of work, very unlikely a one-off. Fitted tonneau cover as well as a convertable top.

The Earles fork has no identification, nor does the fairing. The gas tank is a plastic 9 gallon unit with some German markings, but I doubt original BMW.

Any help gratefully appreciated!

The sidecar is a Kenna..ask Jay at Dauntless, or better yet Barry Bates for the whole story. If I remember right the name 'Kenna'was from the origional manufacturer's daughter.
I think the tank is a Heinrich.
I can email you some pictures.

VERY nice looking rig. You'll have a lot of fun with it.I agree with Claude, the sidecar is a Kenna. I believe that Barry still owns the name. The tank however is not a Heinrich. Since you said it is plastic it might be a copy of a Heinrich but the shape is much more likely to be a copy of a Hoske. It really doesn't make much difference, it's a copy of an aftermarket tank. It is a desirable accessory but not as desirable as the either of the metal tanks that it may have been splashed from.

I installed one of these on a Canadian clients' GL 1200 a few years back. As I recall, the sidecar was a very heavy constructed unit for a single sidecar. It also had about 60# of steel ballast welded to the frame. I don't know if this was added subsequently during mounting or was a stock option. (It was nicely done). There was also an embossed metal ID tag attached to back side of the center crossmember of the frame with the name of the manufacturer, "Henscren Industries". I don't remember the state of MFG but it could have been MI, or IN.
Since then I have identified it as a Kenda (Kenna?) by appearance, but I don't know where Henscren Industries fits into the picture unless they were an earlier owner of the design, or a subcontractor who made the chassis.
It might be like the Terraplane or Ride by Side cars. that have changed vendors through the years.

For some excellent pictures of variou sfuel tanks click on the link below. When you get to the bottom of the page be sure to click on 'next page'...also click on 'previous page' etc. There is a link there to a pdf file that has original Ernst Hoske lituratue to check out. It is in German and it may take a while to load but is interesting.
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