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Pine Barrens 500

For the second year in a row I was the only sidecar rig at this event in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. This year was a three day 500 mile event. Last year I rode the hack there and back from Virginia. This year I had a trailer big enough to haul it, so I did.

Thursday and other riders start showing up.

Plenty of KLRs in the mix.

Colorful repair job.

There were female riders too.

Thursday night GPS class. The whole event was via GPS tracks and/or routes. SO they held a class on navigation.

Friday morning I started out with some friends on BMWs and a KTM. Typical road.

Buddy on the KTM went down in this mud. No problem for the rig.

Lunch at the Flight Line Restaurant.


Kim Kardashian shot of my little pig.

On the beach.

East Point Lighthouse.

Oops. Flooded public road. Mud got me. 6 fellow riders and a long tow strap and I was back on my way.

Food porn. Monster Burger at the Silver Coin.

Your basic breakfast at the motel.

That's ice on that puddle. I tried to skirt to the left of puddles and run the sidecar wheel in the puddle. Difficult to tell how deep the water was or what obstacles were hidden and submerged.

Lots of really deep sand. This is where the rig shined. It was a blast.

Saturday and Sunday lunch was at a local gun club.

Rode through the cranberry bogs. (on the dikes).

Only damage at the end of the event was a blown fork seal.

Highly recommend this event if you like the dirty stuff


Looks like lot of fun!!!

It looked fun right up till you said "ICE." My rig can take it just not me.

Looks like it was a real blast . great pictures.