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Pictures - 28th Annual USCA National Rally

Here are a bunch of pictures from the rally. Many thanks to all those that contributed the pictures. That includes my daughter Alice, Mike Winkel and Al Olme. I know others are on the way so I might do a refresh later on.

I have to admit, it was pretty easy to put together using Adobe Photoshop. Cool little feature File/Automate/Web Photo Gallery. Wow!

Great Pics! Thanks all for sharing -- especially nice for those of us can't attend.

Hey, can anyone identify the hack in IMG 3052. As some know, I'm looking for something that will be easier for Luke to exit from.

Sidecar Ron

Ron,the sidecar you ask about is a Spalding Side. for a little less money the Hannigan Classic is about the same sidecar with easy entry,just with a smaller wheel on the chair.

Thanks! Hmmmm, I'd forgotten about the Classic.