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Pics of the Monumental Rally in SD

Has the pics taken at the faces been posted on this site?

"at the faces" LOL. Very funny.

I don't think they've been posted yet. But I can post the ones I took "at the faces" (Mt. Rushmore).

Goldwing Rigs

Harley and Cruiser Rigs

Russian Rigs

BMW and Other Rigs

And lest we forget, here's me and Kirby with "the faces" --

If anybody wants a full-size version of one of the pics above (about three times bigger), send me a PM with your e-mail address and be sure to tell me which pic you want.

Wow those are some great pics, sure wish we could have made it on the rides, but alas we were restricted to the campground with mechanical issues.
I look forward to seeing more pics and I have some I will be adding from the campground and sidecar games

USCA # 8913

The first batch of rally pictures are available at

stickybunny doesn't give me anything????

try this

USCA # 8913

Okay here is what we have now. if you click on the link Ace has given above you will get on Stickybunny. and then click on Rushmore Pictures you will find the individual rigs in front of the faces. If you right click on the image of choice and "save as" and then print from that download you will get a reasonable 4x6. If you do the same thing to the images that Drone submitted you can get a reasonable at arms length 8x10 We promised a good group picture that will go to 8x10 and we are working on that. I am going to try to attach a group picture to this post. It is not the official one but I am doing it as an experiment. If it works I will try to attach a larger file on another post So here it goes. Thank you for your patience. Harold

Well that didn't work so I will try again.

Attached files

I am so happy with that one that I am putting an other in that is in an 8x10 format. This is the way it is going to work when I get the official group shot. Harold

Attached files