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pick up the bike tomorrow

After 6 long months I get my bike back tomorrow with a top to bottom new motor. I am going to do the 500M break in without the car and put it back on after an oil change and a dyno tune. I still can't believe I bought a bike that blew the bottom end in 800 miles. My wile will I told you so forever about not getting a warranty.

It's hell for a lonnnnng time until a wife forgets she needs to wiggle that old knife just one more time, but at least we can get on our bike and forget for a little while that she did remember.

Do wives forget or forgive?
My Grandma not even forgave Grandpa that he was flirting with a nurse when he was in Sizilia in Hospital in 42.
My own experience in only 24 years is that the only thing she might forget fast, is that the last house remodelation is barely paid for when she wants another one.
... For heaven's sake I better do not poke more on this theme.
Otherwise I might not get permit for to finish my "Rotkäppchen"-project.
Sven, who has the last word in his house...
Yes Mam 😉

Sven, that's funny! And you're a wise man to not continue on with that theme...

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom

Tom, today is again one of those "don't toutch me days". Easier for a foolish comment to come out ouf my mouth, and more dangerous too that the atmosphere will be as thick as butter for days.
So I better shut up myself.:O

Steven, I feel with you. The best of all wifes was grunting too a few weeks ago why I allways buy used equipment and not brand new... For the run in time I recommend You to take more miles for to get the engine smooth...Experience told me so...the expensive way.
Myself I am now 7 month without a rig... and 4 weeks ago still the rig reflects were fooling me on the solo. This weekend I passed over the "Cerro de la muerte" with my daughter for a company's inauguration party. fog, rain, perhaps 5-9°C riding up to 3300m and hundreds of bends make you shiver still the day after because of the cold bones and the deep drop offs. Specially reminding the sawn accidents. I prefer the rig to a solo bike.
But Thursday I finally started to make up the main engine ears that will fit snug right on the suspension shaft.
The welding beeds must be shaved out of the mounting plates.
The prussian blue eyed prussian with prussian blue on his hands was in his element, and later felt every bone again like in those years when I used to make a living from bedway scraping.
Good luck

The engine was broken in on a dyno and then he suggested the first 500-800 miles without the added load of a car. I logged 500 miles this weekend and had to buy a battery and new mufflers because the welded baffles broke loose and rattle. I can't stand rattles.

Sounds like there are more surprises waiting for You. Why not ride a little more just for to educate your baby before You put her to work in a serious way.
Myself I learned that bike's health depends on the rider, specially the first rider. And there are bike out on the street that you better not even toutch. and others that need only a new ride in for to become a purring kitty again. Specially when the former owner was a pensioneer you can get beauties that only need a gentle hand for to wake them up out of their Dornröschen sleep.
broken Battery=> check loading regulator
rotten mufflers=> normal for short distance used bikes => get her on long distance rides. as bigger the engine as longer the milage needed to warm up the whole block. A 650 needs at least 100 miles to warm up completely.
What is a Dyno? Don't tell me a test stand for engine power detection.

yes the dyo is a test stand for the whole bike not the engine.  However the engine was built not for max HP and torque but mid range torque to include re gearing.  i would like to keep the car off longer but the longer i ride on w wheels the better chance i have of dropping the bike from my bad leg.   i am still sure there are some bugs to work out but i will baby her for a a long time since i cant afford another.