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Photo gallery would be a good thing

Now that the 2019 national rally is fading into history, a few thoughts come to mind. It was my pleasure to attend the board meeting as election chair and hear the discussion about this web site and forum. This subject did not come up. Then here on the forum, there is discussion in a couple threads about posting photo in threads as they are created. It seems to me on the old forum there was a photo gallery. Or maybe it wasn't on the forum but on our USCA web site, which the forum is a part. Are there any plans to bring that back? I took a few photos at the rally last week and posted those to Facebook. But only people I'm "friended" with will be able to see that album. Perhaps I'll share it to the USCA Facebook page. I'd like to put it here in a growing photo gallery and see the photos everyone else took as well.

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom

Facebook posting is a good idea.  We have no plans to start a gallery here because of the space it would take and the SPAM photos that have sprung up on other sites.

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

Seems to me we had the photo gallery on the old forum and if we had a problem with spam there, I was unaware of it. But the times have changed from those days as well...

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom

Regards to a photo gallery, if it was part of the web site it would reach more members as well as folks checking out sidecars on the web. Members could post photo's, everyone could enjoy and get and share ideas.  Which isn't this what this organization all about,  promoting sidecars? Myself, I'm not on Facebook, and have no plans to do so.


Tom, Ride Safe! AMA, HOG, IBA, PGR.

Well, since we are on the subject, this website is terrible. Its very slow. Wordpress is not a good platform for forums. There is much better software out there (I've run several VERY busy ones) that also have anti-spam photo galleries integrated into them as well as other popular features. Also, web hosting is very cheap these days and allow a LOT of data and pictures.


We are looking for someone to take over the web site.  Would you be interested?  Our host dumped use the volunteers running it now have asked to be replaced.  If they are not replace we will need to shut down.