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Perry Bushong's Triple tree

Have heard that this is a WONDERFUL addition to any BMW airhead rig. Can't seem to find a web site for Peery's Motorcycle & Sidecars and was wondering if there was anything posted out there that I could read and bone up on the product. Would also love from thos out there who have installed one and benchmarked how it has improved handling.

Dr. Raoul Duke

"I went home with the waitress, the way I always was I to know she was with the Russsians too"

Perry's Motorcycles and Sidecars
(formerly BMW of Fort Worth)
816 South Sylvania, Fort Worth, TX 76111 - (817) 429-9922

Thanks Claude. Will call him Monday. Supposed to maybe reach 50 degrees hear tomorrow. Hoping to get some 2 wheeled riding in on the GS. Taking the rig to Toys for Tots next Sunday.

Dr. Raoul Duke
AKA The Circus Bear
AKA Jim Kelleher