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Period correct sidecar wanted

Hi I have a stock 59 flh and like to find a side car for it. Reasonable priced with mounts.

thks in advance!


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  Good luck with your search. If you find one and the mounts one thing for sure there will be nothing reasonable about the cost. Post up the progress.

Thks All! found one 👍🏼 

 Post pictures and progress please . It would be great to see

After thinking about long term ownership of purchasing a sidecar I figured that I better stay with Harley, which is not that easy to find one in my price range for one in the 60’s. So this showed up on eBay the other day for buy it now 4k. (He wanted to keep the bike but not the sidecar.) So I guess its road trip time since haven’t had a vacation for over a year 🤗

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 Seems lucky day for you. As you work on getting it mounts Please post pictures it is very interesting tp many of us the own and drive sidecars rigs.

Will do! I have had one in the pass when i was stationed at raf lakenheath in England in the 80’s found this one about 20miles from stonehenge and restored it there and they shipped it back in my household goods.

1939 16h norton with a Watsonian sidecar had it several years but sold it in 2011 for some property 


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here is a link to YouTube on my snorting Norton 😆

Can anyone tell me what modifications I will need to do to marry the 2 together? Thks in advance.