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Payton's ARK trip

Payton is 11 now and has racked up 11,000 miles in 3 rigs riding in a sidecar. She is in a wheel chair so sidecar is the only way she can ride. From the first ride she has loved it.

We had a trip planed to ride to the ARK in Williamstown KY  her dad and others were going to follows us with her Van.  With him in Afghanistan that was not going to happen. Payton and I decided to just go ourselves . So we made the plan and reservation yesterday, packed last night and pulling out in the morning. It will be a 1100 mile round trip.

We took a hospital type Wheelchair and with the help of hammer,drill saw-all and grinder adapted different foot rest to it , shortened the hand holds. narrowed the brakes and made it fit in the sidecar behind the seat. Wheels in the trunk. It has been well tested and works. In the past a stroller worked but she out grew that.

This trip is going to be fun. Wife and I have been to the ARK and have been waiting to get her there. time has come.

Pictures will be here


Sounds like a great adventure for Payton, Subscribed

Excellent!  Travel safe.  Looking fwd to more......

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The Ark is wheelchair accessible.  It has ramps to the various levels and also an elevator.  That is a great thing you are doing for Payton.  Enjoy.

We are home.

This is how it went.

Day one left out at 0430. Stopped to eat at WI/IL state line about 100 miles from home. Met Bleachy in Indy for lunch about 1230. Checked in motel in Harrison OH at 1530. Went swimming. Then to dinner . She slept real good.

Day two. Left motel about 0730 after breakfast. Rode to the Ark at Williamstown KY. Spent most of the day there she enjoyed it. Stopped at Thoroughbred Harley in Florence Ky on the way back to motel. She got a shirt ,3 poker chips and a dealer patch.

Back at motel swimming for about two hours , then BBQ for dinner. Pasted out tired.

Day three . Left motel at about 0530 rode two hours stopped to eat. Stopped at Uke's Harley in Kenosha WI . She got two big shirts to sleep in. Finished the ride home arrived at 1215. She did great on the ride, we had no problems.

Total miles 1,100. She is now just over 12,000 miles in a sidecar.

I am sure we will met Bleachy again.

Link to pictures. Easier this way.