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Our web site

For the past few weeks the performance of our website has been terrible. We are choked on our shared site and since last week we have been experiencing a number of denial of service attacks. In order to return our performance to normal we are moving to a dedicated server with our current hosts. This is much more expensive than our current hosting but we need the site back up and running. If this doesn't VASTLY improve our site's performance, we will be moving to another host and rewriting major parts of the site.

I apologize for the poor performance and want you to know that we are doing our very best to fix things.

Though I'm by no means a millionaire, I could make a one time donation to help cover expenses. Perhaps others could as well.

Thank you Al Olme. We appreciate your efforts. And the interruptions are less of a headache knowing someone is working diligently to improve things.

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom

Access to the site has been quite frustrating of late.
I feel we are offering a needed service to interested parties and members of the sidecaring community.
Judy and Lonnie of Northwest Sidecars in Boise, Idaho are sending a $500.00 check tomorrow, to USCA Treasurer Don Banwart to help offset the added expense of a more accessible website. We hope this will help.

Perhaps some other vendors (who have been getting a free ride here) could do the same since they also benefit from viewers who happen onto and purchase their products and services.


Judy & Lonnie Cook
Northwest Sidecars