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Oklahoma and Texas Ride for Kids

I'm going to take my rig to both of these events and if you're in the vicinity, come help out. As Bruce's 2012 event post points out, Ride for Kids always needs sidecar rigs to take the local kids who are brain tumor/cancer patients on the ride with them. They also offer to take their siblings on the ride since they are often neglected while the family focuses on saving the life of the sick kiddo. We get the honor of being their VIP escorts and it's an amazing feeling to put a smile on their faces and contribute a little something towards finding a cure. Once you do this, you'll want to do it again and again.

Sunday, 9/16 - Tulsa Oklahoma. I'm heading up from the Ft Worth area on Saturday so I can enjoy some back roads.

Sunday 10/7 - Dallas/Ft Worth (includes North & Central Texas/South Oklahoma and western LA for Swampfox)

If you can make it, they need you to get there on the early side of the registration window and don't forget to bring your license, current proof of insurance on the rig (they also have insurance to cover us as we help in the event). No bald tires or expired plates for obvious safety and legal reasons.

There are also other RFK events still happening this year in other locations and here is the main page for their schedule. I think I've only been to one of their rides before where they didn't need more sidecars, so come on along.

hey sidecar;
i was at the ride in Humble in the spring, i might have seen you there? my rig is in transition right now; i'm having a 750 Virago fitted with mounts and i don't expect it to be finished before the weekend. be careful and have a great time!

We'll catch you next time. Yep, we were at the Houston ride as well, so I'm sure we must have seen each other and might have met. Hope you get her back together soon so you can enjoy the nice weather that's coming.