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Nova Scotia bound..not on a Ninja


Some of you may have been following my "Nova Scotia on a Ninja" blog but if not here's an update: After a brief 700 mile run with the bloated 2-wheeler I decided to scrap that idea and switch over to my faithful workhorse Aprilia/Sputnik rig. I'm back on the road as of this morning, rain and all, and eventually I'll get to Nova Scotia. Touch base with me from time to time, I like hearing from you.

Best to all,


Buggers! After a brief ride from Bandon, OR to Concord, CA I headed home and switched back to the Ninja, this time without all the camping gear. It turned out to be a good move, I rode more than 11,000 miles on this ride and the Ninja functioned flawlessly. I arrived home on July 3rd and as soon as I have the time I'll dig into the oil leak problem with the Aprilia. From what I've been told it may be something as simple as the synthetic oil I'm using and if that's the case it's a simple solution. Also while I was gone the replacement set of panniers arrived so I'll soon have things back in order, ready for the next trip.

Life goes on, eh?



My gosh time flies! Here it is spring time 2014, nearly five years later and that darned oil leak in the Aprilia is still plaguing me. I admit I haven't been very attentive about fixing this problem but recently I got the yearn to do a bit more traveling on the hack. I think it may have been triggered by Mac, my Iowa buddy. He recently wrote that he was thinking about doing a longish type of ride next year to celebrate his 80th and as such he'd begun the search for a BMW GS to use for a tug. That got me all excited so I let some of my local buds know about it and before long in came a link to the Seattle Craig's List for a '92 Bumblebee already sporting a Ural chair. I sent it along to Mac but he's looking for a more modern GS and decided to pass on this one. I'd fully intended to fix the Aprilia - still do - but that cool looking Bumblebee kept calling out. Finally I caved in and contacted the seller to see if he might be interested in trades and the next thing I knew the Bumblebee was alive and living with me in Bandon.

As might be expected there are a few minor things that need attention - it is after all 22 years old with at least 66,000 miles on the clock. Overall though it's a sweet running machine bursting with all the cool airhead idiosyncrasies and I'm loving it more every day. Mac still hasn't found his next dream machine but I've found mine and I'm looking forward to hitting the road this year.

It's good to be back!


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If you get up to the Cabot trail,check out the yellow sidecar B&B. Host Roger is a high performance sidecarist. Runs a super nice place and if time permits,can show you around a bit. J.R. Texas rep