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North Texas Ride for Kids - Hacks wanted

We have a number of riders/pilots here who have ridden and helped at different Ride for Kids events around the US for years. This will be the 30th year for helping kids with brain cancer through this motorcycle ride where we take some of the local kids who are patients and survivors along on the ride with us. We use a lot of hacks to take the kids and their siblings on the ride.

The Dallas-Fort Worth event is coming up on Sunday, October 13 and will be changing the start/end location to Texas Motor Speedway and the plan is to include a lap or two on the flat portion of the racetrack. If you're willing to come and ride to help these kids, register now at the website and get ready for a cooler weather ride for a great reason. We'll have people from all over Texas and at least NM, OK and LA from what I've heard so far.

And, if you would be willing to take one of the patients or a family member in your sidecar, please contact me or the sidecar coordinator at I got hooked volunteeriing taking the kids the first time one of them rode in my rig with a huge smile on the whole way. These kids need some help to save their lives and once you meet them, you want to help.

Here's something from the recent volunteer newsletter as a reminder to all riders, fundraisers and sidecar pilots

Special 2013 Texas Offer: Register online in advance and raise and submit at least $100 in donations via the website (or by mail that arrives in NC before Oct 11) and get a bonus drawing ticket for the new motorcycle and other donated gifts. As always, for every $300 raised in donations, eligible riders will get an additional drawing ticket for chances to win the motorcycle.

Come on out and help save a kid's life. You'll be glad you did.

Chime in if you have helped at a Ride for Kids event and can shed some light on why people might want to participate.

And, bring motorcycle riding friends so we can do even more for the kids.

Looks like the plan is to take two laps on the track on the way back in to lunch with the kids. I was on the track recently. Amazing feeling getting the perspective from down there, looking up at the banks and stands.

Just realized no one has posted about the San Antonio Ride for Kids on Sunday, Oct. 27. Here is the info and registration site for it This will be their first event in central TX so you can be in on the ground floor.