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North Carolina HB-39

Representative Nelson Cole introduced HB-39 in the North Carolina House of Representatives. This Bill would make it illegal for anyone under the age of ten to ride as a passenger on a motorcycle. If this passes in North Carolina it can be used as precedent in any of our respective states! At this moment it has been refered to the House Committee on Transportation. I am including two links from which you may follow the current status of the bill. These links also contain all of the contact info for Representative Cole and the eight co-sponsers of HB-39 as well as House Transportation Committee Member contact information. The Concerned Bikers Association of North Carloina is asking for help from all motorcyclists accross America to help shut this bill down. The links are as follows:

The AMA is closely following the course of the bill and you may find current info on their site. We must take a stand whenever there is an attack on a legal activity we love so much! Please do what you can to help. Thanks...Fletch