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Noob looking for a rig for me and my Bernese companion

So I'm new to sidecars, and I'm considering getting a setup for me and my 75lbs dog. I've never driven a sidecar or trike, though I do have experience on motorcycles.

Right now I'm looking at a cb900c with a Kenna double that was professionally attached. My other options are to attach a velorex 563 to a cb750 or detach the Kenna double, sell the cb900 and reattach it to a cb750. I could also go for something other than the cb750, but it just seems to fit my aesthetic, price, and reliability requirements best. I will be riding a lot, though mostly just around town at slower speeds. I generally avoid interstates like the plague.

Right now I'm leaning towards just going with the cb900 as is. I like that the sidecar was professionally installed, has extra space for cargo even with my monkey, and the price would roughly come out to be the same as my other options. My hesitation is mostly about the complex 2 tier gearbox, and, less importantly, I don't love it's looks. ly, The velorex seems to get some mixed reviews that don't inspire confidence. Thoughts?

Another question I have that isn't directly related is, can I take my motorcycle license test with a sidecar attached? Oh and for those of you who ride with your dogs, do you make them wear doggles even if they stay behind a good sized wind screen?

Kind of a lot of questions I know. Just trying to get some outside advice. Thanks for the help.


Welcome to the slightly off-center world of sidecars, Miller! Be careful cuz once you go hack, you never go back!

I drive a double-wide rig myself and love it! You'll like the extra room too I'm sure.

I have doggles for my pooch, but she doesn't like 'em. My wife tries to keep them on her, but the frustration will eventually set in and she gives up. I know many have dogs that will keep them in place, so it's a crap shoot. We also have a helmet for her, but it's really just a novelty. I did find a use for the doggles and helmet though. See the attached photo..

I believe there is a three-wheel version of the motorcycle test that some states use. It's mainly intended for trikes and CanAm type rides, but I think sidecars are tested this way too.

Good luck with your decisions. Visit often and let us know how ur doing!

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I'm a newcomer at this. Maybe a thousand miles or so with the hack. I can tell you I regret not buying a turnkey rig over my decision to get a sidecar and mount to one of my bikes. Having a professionally setup rig seems a better choice now to me. Installing a sidecar on a bike yourself and aligning it successfully is a challenge. Alignment is nebulous. No one can tell you what the toe in, leanout, lead etc is correct because every bike/sidecar/driver is different. It will be trial and error and time consuming and frustrating. You would have the cost for new mounting hardware for a different bike. Not cheap. There's enough challenge in just learning how to handle a sidecar rig. Change later after much experience and your certain you want to continue. With all due respect to OldSchool lots of people DO go back and I may do so myself.

You are right Valk, there are plenty who find three wheeling not to their liking. I keep a couple two wheelers around when I feel the need for that mode of travel.

And I also agree that buying a well set-up turn-key rig is a good idea. If you find that you don't care for sidecars, it's easier to sell it and get most of you money, maybe even a small profit, from the adventure. You can also rule out (mostly) the equipment as the cause of a poor experience. With a novice pilot and a novice builder, it's more difficult to know what to blame. And a novice build is more difficult to sell too.

Thank you for the advice. You just confirmed what I was already thinking. Hopefully I'll have the money to pull the tigger on it this week. I'll post some pictures as soon as I have it in hand.

Hi Henry,
Welcome! In answer to your Doggles question, I'll give you my two bits worth. Both Archie and Henry wore the Doggles and neither liked the windshield because they'd stand with their heads out over the hood at times. When I got Petey after Henry's demise in 2012, he resisted the Doggles but I found he didn't mind the windshield. So for the first couple years, he rode with no Doggles. That's why he doesn't have any on in Sit, Stay, Ride. But a few riding seasons back we (I) decided it was time to wear them and he took to them without any problem then. Our adventures continue! Here's to many years and many miles for you and your pup!! As far as riding your rig for your endorsement, without it, you'd only be licensed for two wheels not three in WA. With it, if that's all you test for, you'll only be licensed for three wheels in WA. So I suppose you'd have to test for both but I'm uncertain. Not sure where you live either. Good luck to ya getting it all to come together!

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom

As we assembled the CB 900 (and built the sidecar) I know it was done right. I also know that it is for sale in the Seattle area so you may be a Washington state resident. If that is the case you need a three wheel endorsement. You can pay a private company to give you the test on your bike or better still take the sidecar trike class, once you pass all you need do to get your license is pay the state their fee. Several companies offer classes in the Seattle area. Bikes are provided for the class.
Not a bit fan of the Velorex sidecars, their mounts leave a lot to be desired. All of our sidecars come with proper bike specific mounts. The CB900 is a fair deal. If you want to add a sidecar to your current bike the best bang for your buck would be the Sputnik we offer for $3295, We build many different sidecars including a single seat version of the Kenna and like the Sputnik they all will come with mounts designed for your bike not a bunch of "universal" clamps we tell you will "Fit" your bike.
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