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Nominees as of 1/15/04

The good news first: Colby Cousineau has been nominated for the position of Vice President, and Chuck Tretyak has been nominated for the position of Northeast Regional director. Both men have accepted their nominations.

The 'not quite so good news' is that these are the only nominees so far. Please review the post itemizing the positions up for re-election. There are quite a few. Please forward your nominations to me as soon as possible, and no later than March 1, 2004. My email is, and Snail Mail is 10501 North Canyon Rd. Charlotte, NC 28214.

Bob Davis
04 Election Chair

As of today, 1/19/04, add Al Roach to the list of nominees who have accepted their nomination. Al has been nominated for the poition of Secretary. Please keep the nominations coming.

Bob Davis
04 E.C.

Congulations to three fine men that stepped forward, to help lead the USCA for the next two years. Colby, Chuck, and Al Roach.
Elections are just around the corner, you too can get your name in the
hat. YIC John