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Hi. My name is Marcos and I'm from Argentina.
A couple of weeks ago I bought a 1949 AJS 500cc with sidecar. The sidecar it seems to be home made.
I have no experience in sidecars so I allready downloaded the manuals and books from the reference library thread but I'm sure I'll have tons of questions.

You can find some photos of the bike and sidecar in the following link .

Thanks for let me be part of this forum


That's a unique and good looking outfit you have!!

Welcome to the forum Marcos. Check out the USCA Facebook group as well.

The problem with humanity is: we have paleolithic emotions; medieval institutions; and God-like technology.

Welcome to the slightly off-center world of sidecars, Marcos!

Bienvenido Marcos,

Most unusual rig for Argentina, with the sidecar on the left side. Must have been imported from Australia or England.

I plan to be in Argentina around the end of the year with my sidecar rig, would love to get together with you and exchange ideas and stories.

Will send you a PM (Personal message) with contact information.