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Newbie Wanting to add to the Stable

I've been riding two wheels for years, and am thinking about a second bike that's more useful or local or weekend trips without pulling out the Honda F6B with trailer that I've been using for long tours, complete with dog. I love the idea of a sidecar!

The Ural is out because of the mechanical problems (I'm not a tinker--that's why I own a Honda).

Another posting asked these questions of the author, and i'll answer them here so hopefully I can get some guidance:
what's your budget? Pretty much up to $15G but less would be nicer, and under $9 would be nifty.

Do you want something just for fun around town, or will you be going on multi-day trips? Both, but this rig would be for local shopping and weekends mostly. I want to carry two of my little dogs (only one can ride behind me on the big bike). Will keep the F6B for those epic road trips.

Want to stay on paved roads or do you want something that's gravel and dirt-worthy? I like the idea of dirt roads, since that opens up more possibilities for camping in the desert or mountains nearby.

Prefer a cruiser-style, standard-style, GS-style, Russian-style or what? Uh oh, Not sure of the differences... I know what I DON'T like: Harley Road/Ultra Glides and Gold Wings with all that extra "stuff". Not sure what the other styles are (remember, newbie?) I'd like a smallish to medium-sized bike because the F6B is a BIG bike for this rider, and I want to be able to maneuver the rig by myself.

Any preference about bike brand or country of origin? Maintenance and getting parts is high priority, so a brand that doesn't take two months to get repaired is paramount. NO fun wanting to take off for a few days and the bike's sitting on blocks.

So if you don't mind a little hand-holding here, I'd appreciate help in find the right one to park in the garage along the Dragonbeest. 

Yes, I was getting rained on in the photo--in Crescent City last October. 


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One very popular bike for sidecars is the Kawasaki KLR 650, the KLR does not do any thing at all really well, what it does do is every thing you ask of it "OK" on the highway you wish it was heavier and had more power, off road you wish it was lighter and had a bit more suspension travel. I like KLR's as they are fairly cheap, a very well known bike that has been around for quite a while so there are lots of part sources and they tend to hold onto their resale value, We build a lot of these lately with the Sputnik sidecars as like the KLR, they are not really a great sidecar but instead they are a great sidecar FOR THE MONEY. Our company demo rig is for sale $8500 It is the bike on our web site It is a 2008 with about 40K on it with a new chain, sprocket, battery and rear tire. The bike has an up graded rear spring and is equipped with GIVI bags and top case however the right case does not work with the sidecar on the bike, no room for it. The sidecar has had the shock up graded and has a disk brake.
Once nice thing about the Sputnik sidecars as unlike other lower priced sidecars these use proper boss and clamp type lower mounts not struts and can take a beating off road.
Jay G
DMC sidecars

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I couldn't get the page links to load. Something about the "..." in the links kept me from going there. I'd really like to see the info you posted, though!

Hey - I saw that some people were trying to get to my site through the broken link above. I think this is the post that ncdave was trying to link to:

Great Deal – 2013 Suzuki V-Strom 650 with Sidecar

I've also featured another fun custom sidecar rig in the past.

2006 BMW R1150GS Adventure with DMC Sidecar

And while we're on a sidecar kick, this year a friend and I rode LABV (a dual-sport ride from from Los Angeles to Las Vegas) on a Ural Gear Up Sahara:

LA-Barstow-Vegas 2016 – Preparation

Good luck on your search!