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Newbie questions

I just bought a Hannigan Astro 2+2 for my 88 Goldwing. I has the quick disconnect, I think. Once you attach the mounts to the bike and on the end of them and the end of the ones on the sidecar are round. Is there a special thing you use to attach them or just a nut and bolt? I wrote Hannigan and they are going to send me installation instructions but I am too anxious to wait. Does anyone have mounting instructions they can email me with pics or know where I can find them maby online?
Thank You

Whooaaa! Calm down. Building your own three wheeler is a serious project, with serious potential for injury if you don't get it right.

Converting a two wheeler to a three wheeler is more than just attaching the car struts to the bike frame. You're building a unique three wheeled vehicle. The sidecar wheel must be positioned correctly for good handling. The sidecar wheel must be aligned, with "toe in" toward the front of the bike. And the motorcycle must be leaned out away from the sidecar to achieve straight ahead handling. The motorcycle shock springs may need to be replaced to carry the increased load. And if you want to enjoy the outfit rather than curse it's heavy steering, consider modifying the front end for reduced steering trail.

Your attachment fittings sound like "ball/claw", with clamping claws on the sidecar J struts, and round balls mounted on the motorcycle. Don't think of the attachments like a trailer hitch. The fittings are designed to be adjustable for purposes of alignment, but tightened firmly for use. If any of these parts are aluminum, DO NOT USE THEM. I suggest you modify the struts to accept heavy duty spherical rod ends, held in a U shaped clevis mounted on the motorcycle frame.

Unfortunately, there is very little printed information available to help you with the conversion task. For that reason, I highly recommend you find a sidecar installer who knows what's needed, and can provide the necessary hardware. I know Dauntless Motors has hardware.

Although you're focused on attaching the sidecar, be aware that the handling dynamics of three wheelers is entirely different from two-wheeled motorcycles. I strongly urge you to find a Sidecar/Trike course, and take it immediately. They will provide training rigs to learn on. For info, try or 800 521-0778

The Sidecar Safety Program also has a do-it-yourself book available, Driving A Sidecar Outfit. 800 736-1117 or 800 531-1133