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Newbie Here

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Hey Y'all!
I've been lurking for a while and felt it's time to say hello. I'm new to the club, new to the forum and new to the wonderful world of rigs. I've had my rig for a few years though it's been mostly unrideable, actually unstoppable. The bike is sound with the exception of the brakes. My non-husband has been doing some upgrades to the braking system and this will be the year. I'm hoping to make the rally along with my three grand daughters. We've never done a sidecar rally before; sounds fun!

Photo hopefully attached... if you ask them, this is *their* bike.

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Hello. Welcome. Sidecar rally is a lot of fun.

Welcome aboard
I hope you get the rig squared away soon
you and the little ones will love going to a sidecar rally, very family oriented

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Welcome. Thay look to be ready.

Love it! 🙂 Make sure you practice someplace safe with the weight you're going to take. I hear putting someone on the pillion makes it a lot different, and you should put the lightest one there. Not that I have any experience, I can barely find one brave soul to venture on the outrigger, let alone 2 or 3! 😉

Welcome to the off balance world of sidecars and the off center USCA.

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Greetingz! Thanks for coming out into the light!

Hello there neighbor! Good to see ya' here. Great photo! I'm also a newb and finally got my first rig. May do the rally this year as well. See ya' around. : )

Glad to have you with us. Rode two wheels for almost 50 years, and now three. I've had more fun learning to ride a sidecar rig that I've had in a long time.

Heading out today for my first sidecar rally (get-together) in Bunkee, Louisianan. I've had my rig for about 10 months after riding two wheels for over fifty years. Took the S/TEP last September, which really boosted my confidence. My 3 year old grandson loves to ride in the tub, but we have to stay in the neighborhood to keep his Mom happy. Maybe we'll see you at the National Rally.

Later, Bud...

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