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New Trifolds

I have a new supply of trifolds. They are great for stashing in your saddle bag to inform those interested folks that you meet. Martin has updated it so it looks nice. If you want some PM your name and address or send an email to"> and I'll send some out.

Got mine in the mail today, they look great, thanks Joyce.

I had 1000 printed and I've mailed out the bulk of them to all corners of the US. I hope they help you find us some more members!

What You think about to put them here into the download section?
Sven from Costa Rica

I'll try. They print front and back

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sidecarbrochure110112.pdf (955.2 KB) 

Cool , I printed some out . I cant get 2.5 gallons of gas in under 30 minutes so I might as well have some info to hand out. A 3 year old in a sidecar with a car seat attracts people like moths to a flame.

Doug "Rain Man" Plotner 2nd Thief M/M chapter coordinator Eastern Panhandle WV USCA #8789 01 883C Sportster /Velorex combo 95 Ultra Classic Electra Glide /California Friendship combo Iron Butt Association member

Dough. did what I had in mind when I made the proposal.

Now let's look if somebody else follows my next proposal.
Possibly on Friday a client, who has a textile factory, might hand me over some 40 reflective biker wests.
On the back they say in big letters:"cortesía ayuda a todos" = "courtesy helps everybody"
On the front it has 2 pockets with velcro for coins and celular, made that way that You are able to grab in with gloves.
The texts on the chest say: "actitud hace la diferencia" = "attitude makes the difference"
"Ahorre energia" = "Save energy" and the logo and telephone number of my 1 man company.
Tecnología para el Ambiente y Desarrollo S.A." = "Tecnology for environment and devellopment."

Here in Costa Rica the driving style on the roads (specially in central valley) became so agressive that I got fed up. and the last guy who nearly smashed me against a wall made me say to myself:
"Something must be done and if by these west only one accident can be prevented the 600$ are well paid off."

With some luck, the persons I want to invite to use the wests, pay some donations for to continue making wests. That way several jobs might be kept in Costa Rica and don't wander over to China.
Time will tell.

Here are the wests,
Yesterday I got the 40 wests delivered and today on the German embassady's chrismas bycicle tour I got clients for the first 12 wests.
Collecting the money for 5 more.
Step by step things get working. I am interested when I will meet the first one on the road.

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Those bright yellow vests might save from an accident for sure! I'm surprised I see so few people wearing vests in bright yellow, orange or that very bright green when they ride. Instead I see people on a black bike with maybe a black sidecar and with black leathers or clothes. It looks cool for sure but I'm just not that brave.

the vests became law in Costa Rica this year.
Using the head light during the day I brought from Sweden to Germany in 82 and since then the bulbs started to last longer.
In 83 after using black Belstaff in Lakedistrict North England I started to use reflective belts and/or bright rain coat.
The reflective vests I started to use since 2004 when my best buddy gave me one he uses on his truck.
Later all that stuff became obligatory.
In my eyes there is no need to make so many laws. As my father used to say:
"Safety first!"
Using the brain, logic will tell what has to be done.
But sadly, there are too many bummers out on the road who lack exactly that.
One guy even offered me to pass his fist into my face when I said him to use a helmet, because it is an ugly experience to have to lend LAST help.
As said: few bummers make the mayority pay the bill.