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New to sidecars & new to this forum

Hi everyone
My wife and I just purchased a sidecar which was installed on a HD sportster. We plan on installing it on a Triumph America 2005. I read somewhere there are universal kits outthere to fit multiple sudecars & bikes! Also can anyone Id this car, I could not find any id tag anywhere? Thanks for any and all help i can get from all you experts

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Hitchhiker Sidecar.

Sidehack05 1999 H-D FLHR with Champion Legend Sidecar

Try one of the Vendors listed here for attachment kits.

The so called "universal" attachment kits fit nothing.


Hitchhikers can be made up to look pretty nice--

And to look pretty cool! --

It's all up to you!

We make a bike specific mount for the America, they are different then the T-100. New they run $775, we do have one take off set for $600 in stock. Your sidecar of course is a hitch hiker, yes there are "universal" mounts but in general universal means it fits nothing universally and are a bad idea as they never work well on any thing if at all. And of course we do also offer "universal" mounts but you really want to go with proper bike specific mounts.
Jay G
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