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New to Sidecar riding.


The choice of bike depends on what you're going to be doing with it: the 2007 Ural will be great on local roads and off-road, but if you're planning on long distance rides on the freeway it is a bit lacking. It will run 50-60 mph all day but it's a lot of work at those speeds. Top speed is listed as 70 but it's really not happy there. The Indian rig will be more comfortable on the freeway, but if you're going to take it off-road then it might not be the best choice.

 You are so far apart between those two options it is time to stop where you are.  Buying the wrong sidecar rig is common. Buying a totally wrong sidecar rig is something you may not recover from. You need to decide what you want the Rig to do for you. Why you want it. The only thing those two share in common is 3 wheels.

    I live in SE Wisconsin.  Often make both of mine available to educate those looking into a sidecar . There are a lot of pro's and con's  to them. many do not even know what question to ask when the start out. A lot of flat out wrong information floating around. Once you have gathered  some information debated it with your self , then jump in  and go for it.

Good luck. Most of us here will try to answer your question . Most often they will not be yes and no .



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