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New to Forum..have questions

Hello, My name is Bill Bosworth and I am from Beaver Falls, PA. I got a new Velorex 562 last summer from Bob Wark and have been enjoying sidecaring since. It is my first rig and I still have a two wheeler also. The car is installed on a 86 Moto Guzzi Cal II. Shortly after installing the car I replaced the rear tire with a Dunlop 491 Elite II because they usually last. I am now thinking ahead to a new tire on the bike and car. Any suggestions? the sizes are bike 120/90/18 and car 3.50/16. I am looking for good handling and durability. I imagine some of the veterans here have some better choices than the seat of the pants guess I would make. I am not at this time considering car tires.

I am also thinking of upgrading the shock on the Velorex, it is very soft and really compresses in aggressive riding. Is there an air adjustable shock that would fit? Even a manual adjustable is good. I am sure I could measure and come up with some ideas, however I am sure someone here has crossed this bridge before. Thanks, BillinPA

life member-MGNOC

One way to solve both the shock and the tire problem would to retrofit the 562 with a H-D swingarm assembly with a releveraged shock mount, 1" axle with timken bearings and utilizing an automotive modular wheel with a flat tread tire. Kit Cost is $450.00 plus shipping and it is a straight bolt on replacement that fits without fender modifications. Just the ticket for heavier bikes, heavy loading, or on/off road work. Avon makes a 18" sidecar block rear tire.
See pics of H-D suspension at Albums/Hack'ns Hacks.

Hack'n wrote:
>>Avon makes a 18" sidecar block rear tire<<

Metzeler makes the block 'K' in 18" only
Avon makes the triple duty sidecar MKIV in 3.50 x19 only
You knew that
Duckin and runnin,


Brain fart, Claude,
We only use Metzelers ourselves. Here in the rainy Northwest they are the best wet tire in my opinion. I quit using the Avons in the '80s when I discovered you could mount them with a tablespoon due to the weak bead. They've probably changed since then, but I can still visualize one wrapped around my front axle after a blowout.

Thanks Guys, do you recommend the K-block for front and rear? These will last and handle better than regular bike tires? Appreciate your responses, only been sidecaring since June of 02. BillinPA

Not sure where Beavr Falls is but we live near Beavertown, Pa which is really close to Beaver Springs as well as Beaver Township. All of this is about 50 miles north of Harrisburg.
Anyhow we ought to get together.
If youlook in the photo album section here you will find a picture of our old Velorex being ridden by the persent owner. What I did to ours was add a car spindle (plymouth Reliant) along with a 13 " car tire mounted on a California Sidecar Rim. To beef up the sispension I ran a torsion bar across the frame with a torsion arm linked to the sidecar swingarm. On the bike side there was an adjustable torsion stop to allow ride heigh adjustments etc..
Now, being in Pa. you are in Sprint Car country and all of this suspension stuff is off of a sprint car and availble used and cheap if you look for it. The only downside to the whole deal was that the stock fender would no longer work. If I would have been a little more patient I should have widened the Velorex fender but didn't.
After these mods were made the little Velorex became a pretty decent hot rod mounted on the old XS1100. The girl who now owns it hauls her daughter around in it and she loves it.

Claude, Wow that is something to think about also. As for Beaver Falls, It is about 40 miles NW of Pittsburgh. BillinPA

You are over 3 hours from here but there are sprint cars in you area. Lernerville, Mercer, Sharon speedways come to mind.