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New sidecar

As we have had problems with the Ural factroy supplying parts and sidecars to us we are developing our own sidecar that will be very similar to the Ural sidecar but made of hand laid fiberglass.
We are calling this sidecar the type M72D. We have the body mould built, the fender mould built, we are still working on the trunk lid and windshield. We are taking orderes for delivery some time in late March at the introductoy price of $3295, May first the price is going up to $3995
In the mean time we have one not sold Ural sidecar, Lots of Sputnik sidecar as well as the many sidecars we already build.
Jay Giese
Dauntless Motors Corporation
21418 SE 436th street
Enumclaw WA