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New post in the BLOG Right Lane America

Hi Everybody, for anyone interested in my ride reports, here is the latest post in the BLOG, Right Lane America…/on-and-off-road-again.html…

Florida, Texas and all points in between.
Over 30,000 miles in 2015.
Great rides
Many thanks to sidecarists who have helped along the way.
Be Fantastic
May your ride be long and may all your roads be wide

Del "Lonnie" Lonnquist


I just read your report on the 50-hour Coast-to-Coast Ride. Pretty amazing to me that ANYBODY can complete that ride, but to do it with a sidecar rig and trailer that has only a 100-mile range??? Incredible. Luckily, you're 80 years old. A younger guy could never have pulled it off!

Thanks for the nice comments. It was quite a ride.
Looking forward to doing the Iron Butt Association 48X10 ride in August. 48 States in 10 days.

What an adventure that will be.

Be Fantastic


Woohoo.....truly inspiring blog. Wishing you many more adventures. 🙂