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Ive ordered a Liberty Sidecar for my 14 Ultra Limited. Pete at Liberty has received my deposit and has assigned a serial number. It will be Amber Whiskey and Brilliant Silver. Ive owned several Harley's but have never driven nor been a passenger in a Sidecar. I have a lot to learn. Looking forward to reading information on this wonderful site. Thanks.

Welcome! I've ridden with a Liberty by my side for many years and glad to count Pete and Patty among my friends. Enjoy the ride, enjoy the forums and enjoy the Sidecarist magazine! Life is good!! Where is home base for you?

Greetingz R&J!

Welcome to the slightly off-center world of sidecars! No sidecar experiences? I'm curious as to what made you decide to test the depth of the sidecar pond with both feet?

You can get started with your sidecar education with the articles posted here: You can also attend (and I highly recommend) a S/TEP class. Google 'em to see if there is one close by.

When you get your rig, understand that driving a sidecar is like no other vehicle you have ever driven before. Take it slow. Get lots of parking lot practice with just ballast weight in the car. Humans and pets are a bad choice of ballast weight while learning, just to be clear. Wives/girl friends HATE to be called ballast anyway!

You may have years and years of experience on 2 wheels, and that will help you with understanding the control inputs of your "tug" but you will need to retrain your "butt sensors". The way I like to say it is, on two wheels, its you and your bike against the world. On three wheels, your bike has changed sides. Not that it's a evil thing, it's just that you have a new pony that needs broke. You'll understand that statement better once you saddle up.

Glad to have you with us. I made the move after almost 50 years on two wheels. Never looked back and I'm still having more fun that I've had in years.

I live in Hampton, Va (born and raised in Springfield, Mo). I retired from the Navy in 2012 after a very quick 30 year tour. Im still with the Dept of the Navy as a civilian at Norfolk Naval Shipyard- engineering. I will be registering for our local S/TEP course either at the end of this month or in July. The sidecar is still 20+ weeks out, so maybe the farther I can push back the course, the fresher in my mind the training will be. I just ordered a Baker F6R reverse gear today. It ships out next week.

Rob Shaw