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New man on the block


I forgot to mention, I put a couple of pictures in the photo album.

Hi skin, looks like things are comming together, what year is your bike? and Hack? mine is a 1992 FLHTCU Ultra and the hack is a 1986 HD standard. it was suggested to me by another hack owner, that I put a plug in the wiring between the fender and spring, to make it easier When you go to change your tire on the Hack, He had to do the samething. I have the tail light and the brake light and the fender tip marker light working but, am having trouble getting the blinker to work, I think it is not getting a good ground. I tried to send some pics of my rig but they are 550 kb and they are too large to send, it needs to be 200 kb or less and have not figured out if the resolution on my camara is set too high or what. but I will try and send them later. I have my rig set up according to the manuel and it goes straight down the road, without the steering dampner and don`t get any wobble or nothing, so, I am just learning how to ride it and enjoying it. well hope things come together for you and will talk to you later, take care.......... Steve

Steve, my bike is a '94 Ultra with the tour pak taken off. The hack is a '78 that I've pieced together so you could say it a standard hack with a connection kit from HD. I had yesterday off so I spent most of the day in the garage finishing up the hookup and a few odds and ends. The only thing left to do is bleed the brakes, which I hate messin' with brakes. I did notice that after everything is hooked up, I can still take the bike and move it side to side, not a lot. In other words, I can change the vertical degrees. I double checked the hookup and everything seems to be done by the book. I would have thought you wouldn't be able to do that. I'm going to check again when I get home tonight. We have a ride tomorrow that I'm going to but not on, so I'll see how the first time is. I'll take it easy, that's why I'll not go on the ride with a bunch of other bikes until I get the feel of it. I'm looking forward to riding with a hack.

HI skin! well I finally figured how to post the pics of my rig, my side car looks similar to yours when I bought it. well I now have 1,000 miles on the sidecar, been riding it to work and back for the last 2 weeks it is 65 miles one way and took my daughters for a ride a couple of times, they thought that was cool! I have a get off ramp on the way back from work and going a little too fast at night (I work 2nd shift) and got my first scary thrill, making a right turn, with the hack empty, by the way, (first time I rode it empty) the sidecar came up and it scared me at first, and I hit the brakes and came to a stop, and then laughed, glad no one was behind me watching, Ha, and continued the curve and then purposely put the rig up to see how it was going to handle, and I guess "Flying the chair" as they say, and it was kinda of neat but do not want to make a habit of it. anyway, getting the feel of it, and really like riding it, I got home and checked all the mounts and linkages, and everything looks the same, thought something would have bent or something, but like you said earlier it does feel like it should be more ridgid. my bike seems to move side to side a little too! but I don`t have anything to compare it to, but it seems to ride and handle good. well let me know how it goes with your rig. take care and talk to you later. check out my pics in the albums. Steve