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New man on the block


Hi Everyone, I just joined this morning. I'm also new to the sidecar scene. My Wife and I just inherited out Grandson, he's 2 years old. I've got a '94 Harley Ultra and usually put on about 15,000 miles a year. I still work but will retire in 6 years so that should increase. Anyway, now that we have a 2 year old who already displays joy in anything that has wheels, we bought a 1978 Harley sidecar project. I've come to find out that this is an odd ball year for HD sidehacks and I've had to either make things fit or find other alternatives. It didn't come with a wheel, so I spent a lot of time at swap meets, which I've had no luck, so I had a front wheel from my Wife's Custom Bagger and a disk brake off my old Shovelhead and off to the machine shop I went to have an axle made to make all of this work. The connection kit from HD doesn't match, so I've had to do some cutting and welding(I was a fabricator for 20 years) to make that work. All in all, it's been and interesting adventure so far and still have not been able to ride it yet. I should be about 2 weeks out from a test ride and I'm getting excited about this new riding adventure. I hope to learn a lot from you folks here who have been doing this longer and I have. Thanks for letting me put this long post up.

Hi Skin
As you probably know you have a CLE Sidecar (w/ball type mount).
You may want to check out the mounting system for the TLE (w/Hyme type mount).
On your '94 you will find a nut welded to the frame behind the battery box, this is for the rear 3-point mounting bracket for the TLE.

Before you hit the road, seriously consider purchasing and reading from cover to cover: Driving a Sidecar Outfit (The Sidecarist Bible)
I hope that you want your young 2-year old to be able to take you for a ride when you are no longer able to operate your rig.

To become a USCA member please go to this site:

If you are a member you can order Books & Paraphernalia from:
(Driving a Sidecar Outfit) one of the many items)
Dave Sasenick
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Driving a Sidecar Outfit, can also be ordered from:

PS: Have a sister in Columbus

Hi Skin,
I live up the road from you near Dayton, Ohio. If you want to take a spin on one of my rigs just call. (937) 837-6650
PS: welcome

When it comes time to replace the tires on the bike or sidecar we have automotive tires that fit right on the stock Harley rims.
Jay Giese
Dauntless Motors Corporation

You may also want to check out the books written by USCA member #2 Hal Kendall which are here at as a free download. This was a very unselfish gesture by Hal in offering these in this manner. Good info.
You can also go here: Click on 'how t ride'. This is basically the same as the book Dave mentioned. It was actually written for the Ural folks first then rewriten as the present book.
Hope to see you at The Sidecar RON-DEE-VOO In Pa. See calendar 🙂

howdy, new man on the block! I too am a newbie, I have a 1992 ultra and found a 1986 HD sidecar and know what you mean about fabricating, I finally got the paint job done and put it all together and test rode it yesturday. and I am tickled, it is way cool, I put 150lbs. of dog food (3-50lb. bags), just to see how it handled and for safety sake, before I go putting my kids in the hack. so far so good, I put 130 miles on it so far and all is well other than rewiring the lights. I live in MidMichigan, and hope to get together with other sidecar owners and get more info. I hope to go to some rally some where, well good luck and hope you get the project done. take care Steve from Montrose

Thanks for the welcome Everybody. I made some more progress on the "tub" today. Still waiting for some connection parts from Chicago HD. Dave looking forward to meeting you. I actually live on the east side inside the 275 loop so I'm not that far from you. Can you post pictures on this site? If so, I'll post some when I get finished.

Yes you can post pictures here in Albums. Here is a link to some of mine here:
Happy Easter

Hey Skin how are you coming along with your rig? Hope its going good for you, I have about 450 miles on my rig now and I am the one that had the dog food in the hack, anyway I took it out and took my kids out this weekend and they thought it was great!, I am getting the feel of the rig and how it handles. definitely a different style of riding but I really love it. I would like to meet more side hack owners and get some Ideals and maybe some info on anything that would help my knowledge of what I should or should not do, anyway, just thought I would send a few lines so take care and Hope your project comes together. Steve from Montrose, Mi.

Steve, I'm almost finished with it. I'll pick up my windshield today on my way home from work. I need to do a little bit of welding on the frame, which I can do myself, wire the tail light, bleed the brakes and hook the car up and do an alignment. I should be up and running this weekend with it. I've come to realize "hackin" is a whole other world when it come to motorcycles. I'm gonna like this.