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New Liberty Sidecar

Oh boy--my wife and I are happy.Her new Libery sidecar arrived.I've been in the garage having fun while I install it to her Anniversary Sportster.We've acquired several related reference information and absorbed as much as we can.Soon it will be a matter of going out to the parking lot and trying it for the first time.The sidecar from Liberty of Washington state is made to a high standard of quality and workmanship.The owners, Pete and Patty are very kind and helpful too.We live a couple of miles north of downtown Chicago.Hopefully we can find other sidecar enthusiasts in our area and share our newly found liking.

Congradulations on your new liberty sidecar!
I own a 1987FLSTC/Liberty classic rig and I love it.
Great craftmanship rides like a dream no complaints what so ever.
good luck safe driving

jinchicagoContact Ron Gardner 1-815-0327 Wilmington,Il. He belongs to the Northern Illinois Sidecarists. Im sure that he can get you in contact with other Sidecarists. I think some of them also participate in the Toys for Tots Chicagoland parade. Also its not to late to mark your calander for the USCA National in Bean Blossom Indiana that should be a hop,skip and a jump for you folks from the Chicago area.